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Presentation to The Mediums' Book

The Mediums' Book is divided into two parts:

First part: deals with the spiritual reality of spirits, religious myths, magic and miraculous issues, and some theories of those who sought the relationship between the two realities.

Part Two: explains the action of spirits in the material reality, in all its physical and intelligent way. Also classifies all forms of mediumship.

Its name, originally, was 'Practical Instructions about the Spiritist Manifestations' (1858), changed to The Book of Mediums in January 15, 1861.

The first part - Preliminary Notions - consists of four chapters: There are spirits? The Wonderful and the supernatural - the method - From systems. The second part of Part 2 has 32 chapters, including up to a Spiritualist vocabulary.

The Mediums' Book originated in the second part of ‘The Spirits Book’.

In addition to considering the solution of the moral problem as fundamental to any progress (The method, item n. ° 19), Allan Kardec instructs on our duty to research the scientific and philosophical problems (Spiritist meetings, item 328)

In all his works, Allan Kardec bothered to sort the Spiritualists, however, the deepest of all sorts is in item 28 at The Mediums’ Book: experimental spiritists,  inconsistent spiritists, or christian spiritists and excited spiritists.

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